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About the Owner


Shannon McCook is a native of Suwannee County. She began her training at Marilynn’s School of Dance in 1979. Growing up, she studied with two other studios: Elaine’s School of Dance (1981-1982) and Sharon’s School of Dance (1982-2012). Throughout her years of studies she earned many of the annual studio awards, including being named Dancer of the Year in 1986.


She began as a student assistant at the age of 6. She continued in this position until her junior year of high school, where she took two years from assisting to participate in the Suwannee High Band Auxiliary. Upon graduating, she be- came an assistant teacher in 1994 and then a full time teacher in 1995.

As a youth, she attended numerous workshops, conven- tions, and fine arts camps; studying under some of the nations finest teachers & choreographers. She also participated in numerous competitions and talent shows. As a teacher, she has continued to attend workshops in an effort to continue her dance education.


In 2006, Miss Shannon took ownership of Dance Works, in Jasper. Following the retirement and closing of Sharon’s School of Dance in 2012, Miss Shannon opened Danceology.


Where Dance Is Learned, Lived, & Loved!


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